Where’s MoonShadows?

I received an email from one of my readers yesterday asking me if everything was all right since I hadn’t made a post in a few days.

Well, everything is just fine, and it’s true, after writing an average of one post per day in February and March, and one post every day and a half in April, I’ve only written one post in the first seven days of May. So here’s an update…

I’m exhausted! During the Winter months I have more time on my hands then I know what to do with. The wee hours of those frosty, cold mornings were often spent researching and/or writing a post on a fiddle topic of interest. Now, the wee hours are more and more finding me working in our small warehouse preparing customer orders, placing supply orders, and doing paperwork, or out in my greenhouse tending to my plants.

Our home business (MoonShadows Farm) activity level explodes with the first signs of Spring. Internet and wholesale orders start flooding in, outdoor craft shows and festivals gear up, deliveries find me on the road to three states, and product – lots of product – needs to be made!

MoonShadows Farm

In the midst of all this, more time is needed in my greenhouse, preparing my gardens, and trying to keep up with all the yard work. I have dozens and dozens of flowers and vegetable seedlings I have been tending to while preparing my outside gardens for their transplanting, which is right around the corner. And the grass, the endless grass! This time of year it seems to be growing as I am cutting it!

July 2018

Does that mean I’m not working on my fiddle? No. But, the leisurely practice sessions I enjoyed during the colder months have become “grab it when I can” practice sessions. Not, the ideal, but life goes on. In addition to working on Angelina Baker, I am also working on Oh! Susanna. This past Sunday, it rained all day, and I had my longest and best practice session in the last few weeks. This Saturday I am scheduled for my second lesson with my teacher.

So, that about brings me up to date. I hope you continue to benefit and enjoy Fiddling for Older Folks, and I’ll be posting when I can find time in between these other activities. Perhaps I’ll do some practicing in my garden this year. So, where’s MoonShadows; I’m here! Keep on fiddling!


  2 comments for “Where’s MoonShadows?

  1. May 7, 2019 at 8:46 am

    Your home farm looks amazing! I know it has to be a lot of work, but it must feel really good to run your own business!

    Seems to come with the territory that your free time will be much more seasonal. Like you told me when my practice was flagging, just do what you can when you can knowing you’ll have more time again eventually. Maybe your teacher could offer some thoughts on the best use of time and practice, too! Hope things are going well!

    • May 7, 2019 at 12:49 pm

      The farm is small. It was 15 acres, but when we sold the little rental house on the property, we sold 7 acres along with it, so it is only 8 acres now. The “farm” term is more for the business name. However, even 8 acres is hard to keep up with at our ages. I love working outside during the nicer weather.

      I’m not too worried about not having as much time to practice. I miss it, but I am not on any kind of time schedule in learning. I still feel like I am moving forward, just a bit slower than during the colder months.

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