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Yesterday afternoon, when I sat down at my computer, I checked my “regular” websites, one being my StatCounter account, a valuable tool for any website owner. StatCounter keeps track of visitors, page views and much more for my two websites, MoonShadows Farm and Fiddling for Older Folks. Now, since I created this website less than two months ago, I average anywhere between 1-5 visitors and 5 – 25 page views a day, most days closer to the low end. It’s not easy launching a website.

To my surprise, this website already had a dozen visitors and 60+ page views for the day so far. I scratched my head wondering why the sudden interest and influx of visitors. Over the next hour, as I checked back, the visitors and the page views kept rising, most from the U.S. with a sprinkling of visitors from Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Finland, Australia and China. I couldn’t figure out why the sudden interest in this website, or was something wrong with the statistics, or worse yet had I been hacked, or was this all a mistake? I decided not to panic or take any action but just think about it for a while.

Turning to my email, I found Jason’s Fiddlehed newsletter had arrived. I always enjoy and learn something new from his emails. As I read it, I found the answer to my suddenly inflated visitors and page views. In the “Community News” section of the newsletter, Jason wrote:

“A Fiddlehed named Jim writes a blog called Fiddling For Older Folks. Special thanks to him for his feedback on the Practice Toolkit.”

So that was the reason for the sudden interest in this website, Fiddlehed’s latest newsletter! Over the next few hours, the visitors and page hits continued to grow, and as of this writing, this link in Jason’s newsletter has brought almost 100 visitors who have made over 500 page views. A few even subscribed to this blog. Mystery solved!

I want to thank Jason for his kindness and free publicity, and welcome those who followed his link and subscribed to this new blog. I hope you enjoy it and become involved with comments and the forum if you are so inclined. Besides providing a chronicle of my experience as an adult learning how to play a fiddle, one of my hopes is to attract other adults, young and old, who are learning how to play the fiddle so we can share our experiences and help one another as a group.

Want to learn more about Jason Kleinberg and Fiddlehed? Check out his website at Fiddlehed and listen to the Jacques Hopkins podcast, The Online Course Guy, where he interviews Jason and they talk about Jason’s really interesting, organic path to course creation.

Click the link below to hear the podcast:
Jason Kleinberg’s Online Fiddle Course  

  2 comments for “What is This?

  1. old cowboy
    April 18, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    I am learning to play just by watching Jason’s Fiddlehed videos. I think I am doing ok!

    • April 18, 2019 at 2:39 pm

      I can’t believe how many people I have spoken to since I started learning who either use his YouTube videos or are a member of his site. He really has a good teaching knack.

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