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Voyager Recordings & Publications is a treasure trove, the “Oak Island” of recordings, tune books, and instructional materials of traditional acoustic fiddle and string band music in North America.

Voyager Recordings & Publications is an independent recording and publishing company founded by Phil & Vivian Williams in 1967. They had been playing old time and bluegrass music for many years themselves, and had been recording many others, especially old time fiddlers. Since its founding, Voyager Recordings has released over eighty albums featuring the playing of over 80 fiddlers. In addition, they have about 300 fully and freely downloadable mp3 recordings from over 100 fiddlers. Unfortunately, Phil passed away in 2017, but Vivian is still carrying on the tradition at Voyager.

Vivian and Phil Williams

In addition to all this music at the Voyager website, you can find over 100 YouTube videos of fiddlers Vivian and Phil have known over the years in addition to videos of the couple. The site also has fiddle tune books, instructional materials and articles, many of which are free.

Up Jumped the Devil
2013-10-24 Vivian and Phil Williams share some old time fiddle tunes

I recently purchased and wrote a review of Fiddle Tunes of the Lewis and Clark Era, a Voyager release with Vivian on the fiddle and Phil on the guitar and mandolin. I have my eye on a few other recordings to purchase as well. The website design is a bit old time too, but that does not distract from a wealth of fiddle history. You can literally spend many delightful hours at the
Voyager Recordings & Publications.

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