Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Record Pro is a professional voice recorder application. It allows you to record voice and on-site sounds at unlimited length with configurable quality, easily convert them to mp3 format, and download them to you computer.

I admit it, while I am not totally technologically challenged, my knowledge and ability in this area leave a lot to be desired. So, when I wanted to begin recording myself playing the fiddle, I was unsure how to proceed. I wanted to begin recording for practice feed back and to have recordings that I could listen to in the future as comparisons to hear my progress. Since I practice in my office, I wanted some kind of set up where I could record using my desk top computer. Since I don’t already have a microphone, I began looking at them on the internet. I found so many different kinds at so many different price ranges. I decided to keep it simple; I don’t need studio quality.

Not wanting to waste money on a cheap microphone or spend a lot of money on an expensive one I really don’t need, I decided to try my iPhone for this purpose. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture with my iPhone never mind making a recording. I stumbled upon a neat app that allows me to easily make audio recordings, convert them to mp3’s, and download them onto my computer.

The app is called Voice Recorder Pro. It’s a free download or you can pay $6.99 to eliminate the ads.

Voice Recorder Pro

It has all kinds of settings and options, but the one I chose to use allows me to open my computer browser after I have made a recording and download the mp3 to a file. Easy-peasy!

Here is my first hastily made recording, but it will give you an idea. It is a basic playing of Bile ’em Cabbage Down.

Rather than me go through the steps, it’s probably easier, and more helpful, if I just give you a link and the user guide to look at and decide for yourself. If I am not mistaken, there is an android version as well. This app will be very helpful to me, and I hope it is helpful to you as well. Let me know.

Voice Recorder Pro on Google Play

Voice Recorder Pro – User Guide

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  1. I’ve been thinking of recording my progress as well, but hadn’t started looking into programs to do that. I didn’t think about using a mobile app, though! I also use an iPhone, so I might give this one a shot. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Nice and clean recording of Bile ’em Cabbage Down, by the way!