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The advice I read is don’t let your violin hide in a case; leave your fiddle out so that you see it and it’s readily handy; it is the best motivation for practicing. This is easier said than done when doing so might mean easily damaging it by accident or detrimental environmental factors.

Right now, I have no choice but to pack up my fiddle in its case after each practice session because of the low Winter humidity levels in my house here in the northeast. Prolonged exposure to low or high humidity levels can reek havoc on a fiddle, potentially causing cracking or seam separation. However, now that Winter is in its final death throes, the average humidity has risen out of the 20-30% level into the 30-35% level. As Spring progresses, the humidity level should rise to a more fiddle-friendly level between 40-60%, the ideal being 45-55%. Then, I’ll have to deal with the high Summer humidity.

I already have plans to purchase a whole-house humidifier for next Winter. That should make my home have a more fiddle-friendly humidity level. I’m not too concerned about the Summer levels since we air condition the house. (How did we ever do without air conditioning as kids?) Anticipating this, I am now looking at fiddle hangers and holders and freeing my fiddle from it’s 23 hour solitary confinement to it’s case. (It lives the life of a prisoner; 23 hours in it’s cell; 1 hour of recreation.)

I know I could save some money and just leave my fiddle out on a table, chair, or some other surface, but I think that would create an accident waiting to happen, so purchasing a hanger or holder is definitely the way to go, but what type?

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted hangers are some of the simplest and least expensive hangers. They fasten to a wall using two screws and have padded arms. The violin rests on the heel of the scroll, not the pegs. One arm is usually extends longer and narrower to accommodate the bow.

Stand Mounted

Stand mounted hangers can be attached to a music or microphone stand depending on the model. They are also on the less expensive side. Like wall mounted hangers, the violin rests on the heel of the scroll, not the pegs, and one arm extends longer to accommodate the bow.

Wall Display

Wall display holders vary in pricing starting in the medium price range for the utilitarian models up to the expensive for a highly decorative and artistic model, some even offering locked cabinets, lighting, and humidity control.

Floor Stand

Like wall display models, floor stands can come in from a medium price range to pricey, usually depending on the material used for the stand. Metal is cheaper; wood is more expensive.

At this point, I like the wooden floor stand models, (Fiddlershop Cherry) but not so much for protecting my violin, but because of the beauty of wood. However, I am leaning towards a simple wall display model for two reasons. I like the fact that if it is up on the wall there is probably less a chance it will get damaged. Also, I like that it does not just hang from the heel of the scroll but is cradled at three points distributing the pressure more evenly. Only time will tell which one I choose, but I have some time. The dry Winter has not fully died just yet here in the northeast.

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  1. Thomas Weber
    December 14, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    I use a String Swing, stand pole mounted violin and bow holder. My shoulder rest has almost no height on the shoulder side and extra long screws on the other. Because of this, I can’t use a floor stand without removing the shoulder rest. It’s no problem at all with the String Swing! The stand pole mount is more sturdy than the stand edge version. Those edges flex and I just don’t like how high and forward the violin hangs. The only advantage of the stand edge mount is that your stand can be shorter. The stand height must at least accommodate the length of the bow and this can be an issue when you are seated and playing. A holder is a great companion when out of the house and at home it keeps my violin ready to play in the same spot I play it – right in front of my music stand!

    • MoonShadows
      December 14, 2019 at 1:19 pm

      @Thomas Weber

      I did wind up getting a version of the “string swing” (another brand) for my first fiddle which I hung on the side of a bookcase where I practice. I don’t have a music stand for music. I have all my music right on my computer. My newer fiddle I have in a cabinet on the wall. It has a similar holder inside. One nice thing is I don’t have to take the shoulder rest off of either fiddle unless I am going out of the house with either in it’s case. 

      violin storage

  2. March 19, 2019 at 9:51 am

    I decided to get a floor stand because I was frustrated by the fact that the violin case doesn’t allow me to store the violin without taking off the shoulder rest. I want to be able to pick up and play without having to muddle with getting the shoulder rest positioned just right every time, so I went with a stand.

    I picked up a cheap plastic stand from Amazon ( ), and really, while it does the job, I’d not recommend it. It feels rather fragile and is the case of you get what you pay for. I bought it specifically because folks said you could keep the shoulder rest on the violin while storing, and you can… but it’s pretty wonky, often forcing me to sit it in the holder lop-sided. I do like that it allows for quick bow storage, though. And it certainly does provide quick access for pick-up-and-play.

    That wooden stand is nice! Just a little tall for the space I’d need to put it in. I might shop around for a different stand eventually, but for now, the wonky plastic one is functional.

    • March 19, 2019 at 11:25 am

      I never thought about the shoulder rest. I hate putting it on and taking it off each time too. If I get a wall display, I am still going to have to fiddle with (pun intended) the shoulder rest. Too bad that one you bought isn’t real sturdy; I like it. Maybe I’ll look for something similar to that one, but a little better built, if I can find one like that. I’ll let you know.

      • March 19, 2019 at 11:29 am

        The one I got isn’t bad, but I wish it was a bit more sturdy. I tend to place my violin near a wall while in the holder, in the unlikely event that something runs into it. The holder would do nothing to keep the violin standing should something hit it, even just lightly. But if you have a secure spot to place it in, it may work fine. It’s functional, not terrible, but just not the highest quality.

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