The Sons of Liberty – Three Inspiring Young Men

These three bothers (Josh, Noah and Daniel Smith from Jonesville, VA) call themselves The Sons of Liberty, and together they are keeping 18th century music alive by playing it. Reviving old songs in an authentic style, they play in state and national parks throughout the Northeast.

The Sons of Liberty - Celebrating Early American Musical Traditions

I found their playing , spirit and enthusiasm inspiring, and if you like early American fiddle music, I’m sure you will, too.

If you like their music they have a CD called Celebrating Early American Musical Traditions.

The Sons of Liberty – Celebrating Early American Musical Traditions

Featured Songs:

1. Soldier’s Joy / Liberty
2. MacPherson’s Farewell
3. A-Roving
4. The Jolly Tradesman
5. Sir Peter Parker
6. Rakes of Mallow
7. Swallow Tail Jig
8. Johnnie Cope
9. The Duke of Kent’s Waltzes
10. Smash the Windows / Haste to the Wedding / The Irish Washerwoman
11. Men of Harlech
12. Over the Hills and Far Away

You can buy their CD online at Townsends

See my review of Celebrating Early American Musical Traditions

See The Friends of the Sons of Liberty for more information

Added on March 16, 2019

Came across this YouTube video of The Sons of Liberty recorded in October at Heartwood. Enjoy!

Sons of Liberty at Heartwood

Added on April 11, 2019

The Sons of Liberty – A New (2nd) CD on the Horizon


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