The Traveling Fiddle

In January 2013, a member of the Fiddlerman Forum came up with the idea to start a Traveling Fiddlerman Community Violin, the idea being to have a violin that could be passed from interested member to member across the globe. At each stop, the member would keep the violin for a while and record him or herself playing it. Additionally, each member could sign the violin and/or leave something with the violin in the case or on the case, maybe a post card or a sticker, something that lets the violin say, “I was here.” The member would then ship the violin to the next member on the list.

Since the idea’s inception, the Traveling Fiddle has reached over 30 members in North and South America and Europe. The Traveling Fiddle has been used from everything to personal enjoyment, to gigs, concerts, recordings and more. Many members have taken pictures of the fiddle, while in their possession, and pictures of the fiddle at local landmarks in their area.

What a connection to each other and the Fiddlerman forum each individual must have who has hosted The Traveling Fiddle. And, how much fun it must be for all the members to follow this symbol of such a fine community of folks, the Fiddlerman Forum.

Severance Hall – The Cleveland Orchestra

For more information about this unique violin, a map of it’s travels, videos, pictures, as well as comments from various users and the fiddle’s present location, check out the Traveling Fiddlerman Community Fiddle Information Page. You can even sign up to host The Traveling Fiddle, too.

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