The String Cleaner

A couple of months ago I bought a nifty little accessory called The String Cleaner from the Fiddlershop. At $19.99, I thought it was a bit expensive and wasn’t real sure how effective it would be, but I took a chance on it anyway. Now, I’m glad I did!

Constant practicing and playing leaves behind harmful debris. Bowing deposits rosin and finger movements deposit oils, skin, sweat, and other harmful substances. All of this debris weighs down the strings, thus dampening the sound. Additionally, the finger deposits over time cause oxidation which inevitably destroy all strings. The String Cleaner quickly and easily removes these harmful deposits and in doing so extends the life, strength, and tone of the strings. Through the use of “tension control tabs”, The String Cleaner quickly and easily removes these harmful substances giving renewed vibrancy to the sound and increasing string life.

The String Cleaner is a dry microfiber pad housed in a plastic device that looks like a mini sanding block. The plastic housing clamps around the strings and places the pad in contact with the strings. Simply glide the String Cleaner up and down your strings a few times, and you’re done.

The string cleaner should be used after any time the instrument is played. The only thing that causes strings to “die” are the harmful deposits left behind from your the bow and your fingers. Remove this debris after every playing and the strings will last much longer! The String Cleaner will last for years as long as it is maintained. Every two months, and/or any time the strings are changed, The String Cleaner should be cleaned.

Here is a video demonstrating how use and clean The String Cleaner.

Fits all 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 4/4 or “full size” violins

Of course, you could just use a microfiber cloth after each playing, but The String Cleaner is the only product I have found that cleans 360 degrees of all strings at the same time while simultaneously cleaning and buffing the finger board. Further more, it requires no chemicals or solutions and is not a disposable item.

I have been using The String Cleaner for two months now. I am really impressed at how it so easily and quickly removes the visible rosin from my strings and fingerboard after each session. Then, just a quick wipe down of the fiddle body with a clean microfiber cloth and I am ready for my next session, knowing my fiddle has received a good cleaning. I easily recommend The String Cleaner.

The String Cleaner is available through The String Cleaner website, but it is more expensive ($24.95), and several online distributors (all at $19.99). I purchased mine through the Fiddlershop. As always, if you like this website and decide to purchase The String Cleaner, please consider using my link to Fiddlershop. I receive a small commission, and any commissions I receive are used to maintain this website. Thank you!

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