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As you know if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, I really like early American music, particularly when played on the fiddle. So, it is no surprise that I really like The Sons of Liberty, the trio of three brothers (Joshua, Daniel & Noah from Jonesville, VA) who are keeping 18th century music alive by playing it. Reviving old songs in an authentic style, they play at events in state and national parks throughout the Northeast, and have two CDs to their credit.

I learned The Sons of Liberty do not have a website presence, and with the approval of their manager (a.k.a. their mother), I created The Friends of the Sons of Liberty Facebook site.

This Facebook site has information about The Sons of Liberty, their upcoming public appearances and their two CDs. The purpose of the page is to be a first website where anyone can go who is interested in The Sons and what is happening with them. The Facebook page is, but to make things easier to remember, it can also be accessed at

Anyone who likes early American music will certainly like The Sons of Liberty. I think what I like even more than their music is their spirit. They are serious about their studies, serious about their music, and are of solid character, all while being teenagers! Young folks like this can always be supported and promoted.

If you like this genre of music, or would like to explore this music further, you can check out The Sons of Liberty and their music in these earlier blog posts:

Other pictures, videos, and events are available at

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