The Hamblen Collection

While doing a search for “early American Fiddle”, I came across The Hamblen Collection. It is a collection of violin tunes, popular during the early 1800’s as played by David Russell Hamblen (1809-1893) and his son Williamson (1846-1920) arranged and copied by A. Porter Hamblen (1875-195-) son of Williamson. The Hamblen Collection is still available today at The Library of Congress.

David Hamblen’s final resting place
Brown County, Indiana
William Hamblen

Download The Hamblin Collection in zip file format

Searching further, I found Christian Wigs website. Christian Wig is a musician who has recorded many of The Hamblen Collection Songs in his CDs, and his website contains sample tracks of them (see CDs).

Christian Wig

Most of The Hamblen Collection songs recorded by Wig are on his CD entitled Chadwell’s Station with a sprinkling of others found on Lost Indian, Come Back Boys & Feed the Horses, and Constancy. I purchased all four CDs, and once they arrive and I have some time to listen to them, I will post a review in the Fiddle Music section of this blog. I’m sure I will like the complete albums as I enjoyed a few of the tracks I listened to. I am so happy to have found these early American fiddle tunes!

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