Stringvision Bowgrip

Carefully designed as an anti-fatigue bow covering, the Stringvision Bowgrip offers an unprecedented level of comfort and ergonomics for your bow hand.

The other day, while I was resting my bow hand, recovering from the pain in the base of my thumb, I found the Stringvision Bowgrip on the internet. The words anti-fatigue and ergonomics caught my attention, so I read on.

Bits of reviews stood out to me:

  • Putting this on really improved my bowing strength and dexterity.
  • Kept my thumb from hurting so I could practice more!
  • I even gave one to my stand partner when she complained her hand ached. She too loved it.
  • The Bowgrip kept my hand cramp free.
  • I’m 70 years old. With this bowgrip I can once again hold the bow and play for hours without getting tired.

I decided to give it a try for only $10 and ordered one. It arrived in yesterday’s mail. I immediately opened it and fit it onto my bow. It is made of a soft silicone-like material, is thin, and doesn’t feel bulky in the least. It takes a little coaxing to work it onto the bow, but once I had it in place, I couldn’t get over how comfortable it was and how it “encouraged” my hand into the proper bow hold. The bowgrip’s thumb indent allows for curved and comfortable thumb placement.

With the bowgrip I was able to extend my usual practice time, and I definitely experienced less fatigue in my bow hand, especially my dreaded thumb pain. I am so happy I ordered it, and the comfort I experienced allowed me to concentrate more on my bowing and fingering and not the pain in my hand. If like me, you experience fatigue or pain in your bow hand, or you just want something to help you with your bow grip, get the Stringvision Bowgrip. I recommend it.

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