StringClub is an online community for students to learn and share their favorite music. They offer programs for five stringed instruments and have over seven dozen skill exercises and over 4000 songs for the violin alone at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

All skills and songs are taught using a scrolling tab video, sheet music and tabs, all of which you can play along to and even set the tempo to a level you are comfortable with until you are ready to move the tempo up to speed.

Starter Membership is free and allows full access to all skills and songs and to create playlists. Basic Membership for $5.00 month/$50.00 year adds additional features such as a mobile app, using a metronome, adjusting the song speed, and recording yourself. Complete Membership for $8.00 month/$80.00 year gives you even more features such as collaborative recording and your recording history.

If you choose the free membership, during the sign-up, they will offer you a 3 month Complete membership with full access to all the features for a one-time payment of just $9.00. I chose to take that offer!

To see a sample of a beginner tune, take a look at Auld Lang Syne – Don’t forget to try the Scrolling Music, Sheet Music and Tab. You can also set the speed on the right. Note: As an anonymous user you won’t have access to the complete song. Register to have complete access.

Sample of Ode to Joy Scrolling Tab for beginners

In addition to the skill exercises and the song catalogue, StringClub also offers a video gallery of over twelve dozen lessons and performances, and over two dozen educational articles.

StringClub Sheet Music/Tab Printing – Pachelbel’s Canon In D example

Playing along with the scrolling video and having access to sheet music/tab format can increase the speed in which you learn a new song. The video gallery and educational articles are icing on the cake. I think StringClub is well worth it. I hope this is helpful to you as a new fiddler!

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