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A few months back, FiddleHed created a Practice Toolkit section for his students which I have bookmarked and find very helpful. It was only today that I realized FiddleHed has made this section available to anyone, not just his paid subscribers. Since I refer to this practice area quite often, I decided to create this post to share Jason’s Practice Toolkit with you too if you didn’t know it existed.


The Practice Toolkit consists of:

DRONES – A drone is a sustained reference pitch that helps you stay in tune and acts as a backup while you play. If you practice with a drone, you will more easily notice when you drift out of tune. Using this direct feedback, you will get much better at playing in tune.

COMMON SCALES – The better you know your scales, the more quickly you can pick up tunes. Each of the scales here run through a series of variations.

METRONOME TRACKS – Metronome tracks of 60, 70, 80 and 90 BPM and a progressive track that starts at 60 BPM and increases in 10 BPM increments up to 100 BPM.

COMMON RHYTHMS AND BOWING – Shuffles and Slur variations and patterns

PRACTICE ROUTINES – Structuring practice sessions

NOTE FINDER – Finger position and corresponding musical note for each string.

ESSENTIAL TEACHINGS OF FIDDLEHED – Jason’s philosophy and method of teaching.

TECHNICAL REMINDERS – Posture, bowing tips, left hand fingering tips, and more.

MASTER PRACTICE LIST – For this section, you do need a FiddleHed account. Jason does have a Trial Membership.

I do hope you find FiddleHed’s Practice Toolkit as helpful as I have. I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

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