Old-Time Mountain Music Radio

I like to listen to old time music, whether it’s just the fiddle or a collection of traditional old time instruments, but I am usually limited to my collection of CDs and downloaded MP3s since there are no area radio stations that feature this genre. Until today. I was Googling Old Time Music when I came across a free internet radio station called Old-Time Mountain Music. It does have 60 second ad breaks every so often, but that’s a small price to pay for some good old time mountain music.

OTMM plays 24/7/365 and features music from the Appalachian Mountains (and elsewhere in the USA). The time frame of this music is from the US Civil War era through World War II. There are a few newer tunes that they’ve included just because they’re good, but they don’t play any Bluegrass, which is fine with me since I am not a big Bluegrass fan.

As to variety, they’ve included some string band, solo, and mountain blues songs, some from older recordings and some from newer versions of the old songs.

Just click this link to listen to some good Old-Time Mountain Music and enjoy!

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