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I was searching for some Old Time Christmas fiddling music today when I came across Miles Music, a family-run site located in north central Idaho, that offers 5 books of Old Time, Gospel and Christmas music for the fiddle. Of course, I just had to let you all know. I don’t know how I have not seen this website before today.

This old-time fiddling curriculum was written by Cindy Miles. It is a resource for fiddle instructors as well as individuals who do not have an instructor available and would like to teach themselves. Within the 5 books there are over 170 standard first position fiddle tunes. Each book in the series can be bought separately and include:

  • Progressive tablature format & standard music notation for all tunes
  • Accompaniment chords
  • Photo-illustrated playing technique
  • Split-track* CD with fiddle and piano accompaniment for all tunes
  • And, each is spiral bound for easy use (will lie flat on music stand)

*The CDs are split-track so the fiddle part is separate from the piano accompaniment. The listener can adjust the volume of each part separately.

You can view all the 174 tunes offered across the five books at the Miles Music Product Page.

Here is a sample of a tune, Echoes of the Ozarks, from Old-Time Fiddling Book One: 


Tabs & Chords

Music Notation

I went ahead and ordered Book One before I noticed that they have bundle deals as well. If you decide to purchase any of the books, make sure you look at these bundle deals first. The best deal offers all five books for the price of four. That’s a $24.95 savings. I did email Miles Music and asked if I could add to my order and take advantage of this deal.

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