New Feature – Private Messages

I have installed a new feature on the Forum.

Private Messaging provides a safe and professional way to communicate directly with other members of our forum. Messages you send and receive via PM are private and can only be viewed by you and the forum member you’re corresponding with. It also allows multi-member conversation.  Conversations are like email but stored within the forum system and addressed by User Name (nickname). They do not reveal any personal information beyond your User Name.

Private Messages Features

  • You can send or view messages on My Profile > Messages page.
  • List of all contacts and conversations in Messages page.
  • Two types of messaging – “Add new conversation” form and clicking on forum member Message icon
  • Supports both conversations with a single person or with a group within the forum system.
  • Add new and remove members from conversation
  • Buttons to Block, Report and Delete contacts
  • Hide and Delete buttons for conversations
  • Refresh conversation button
  • Load all Messages button
  • Send Message icon with user information on Members list and on Post list.
  • Email Notification when user receives a new Private Message
  • When you receive a private message, it will be noted at the top right pop-up of a forum page.
  • When you send a private message, the other member(s) will receive a notification but they must open the message to read it.

Please Note: You must have made at least 3 forum posts since joining the forum in order to use this new feature. This will minimize the possibility of Private Messaging Spam.

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  1 comment for “New Feature – Private Messages

  1. MoonShadows
    February 15, 2020 at 7:21 am

    Looking for a current PM?

    An easy way is to hold your cursor over “My Profile” in the forum’s top menu. A drop down menu will appear. Click on “Private Messages”.


    On the Private Messages page, click on the “Create New Private Message” Icon.


    Any current Private Messages can be accessed in the drop down.


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