100 Fiddle Tunes – Fiddle Tunes Published as Fiddle Tab Charts

Adult Starters – Violin/Fiddle – Facebook Group

Christian Wig – Early 1800’s fiddle tunes

Contemplator – Popular Songs in American History

Digital Library of Appalachia –  Database of over 4000 fiddle tunes -100’s of Free backing tracks

Fiddle Tune Archive – from Old Town School of Folk Music

Fiddlerman Forum – Online Fiddle Forum

Folkstreams – Documentary films on traditional music and culture

Hetzler’s Fakebook – Old-time MIDIs by the score, some with PDF sheet music

Native Ground Books & Music – Southern Appalachian music

OldTime Central – Lists Old Time Festivals and more

Old Time Fiddle Tunes – Transcriptions and audio files of over 500 fiddle tunes

Practice Toolkit – FiddleHed’s practice helpers

Rosin the Bow – An audio journey through the world of the violin family

Slippery Hill – One of the best websites for rare fiddle tunes and information

The Henry Reed Collection – Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier

The New Fiddler – He has a dream and is just trying to make it a reality

The Old-Time Herald – A magazine dedicated to old-time music

Voyager Recordings and Publications – Traditional Fiddle and Acoustic Music

Wait Till You Hear This One – Old-time fiddle tunes and their sources

ZEPP Country Music – Old-time fiddle tune MP3s.

*Visit the Resources page for more fiddle links and information

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