Holstein Pernambuco Bow

I have been looking to upgrade my Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow to a Holstein Pernambuco Bow. Yesterday, I received an email from the Fiddlershop with a coupon code for 15% off any Holstein Pernambuco Bow, so I purchased the Holstein 1-star Pernambuco Violin Bow and saved over $40.

The bows in the Holstein Pernambuco family are all made from select quality pernambuco wood and in the tradition the great French makers. Every step up comes in a higher quality selection of wood and workmanship. 

Fiddlerman has four grades of Holstein Pernambuco Bows:

This line of Holstein Pernambuco Bows comes with an incredible one year warranty in which the Fiddlershop will repair or replace the bow if there is a problem in workmanship or if it becomes damaged, even if it is your fault!

When I start using this new bow, I will post a review.

If you are not on the Fiddlerman’s email list but are interested in a Holstein Pernambuco Bow, you can also receive a 15% discount now through June 7, 2019 by using the coupon code HSB15 at checkout on the Fiddlershop.

During this time period, Fiddlerman is also offering a 20% discount on all Fiddlerman Bows. Use coupon code FMB20. And, he is also offering a 10% discount on all JonPaul Bows. Use coupon code JPB10.

As I usually do, I ask that if you like my blog and are looking to purchase any of the above items or other violin related items that you consider using my link to Fiddlerman. When you do, I receive a small commission for referring you. I use any commissions I earn to help fund the cost for publishing Fiddling for Older Folks, so I thank you in advance!


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