First Visit to the Fiddle Doctor

Suffering from a fallen soundpost, I had to bring my fiddle to the fiddle doctor. I brought it to the local violin shop, Montero Violins in Stroudsburg, PA. Montero Violins is a full service violin shop offering a wide selection fine instruments and bows for sale, instruments for rent, accessories, repairs and lessons.

Montero Violins – Stroudsburg, PA

When I entered Montero Violins, the owner, Michael Montero, was sitting at his bench working on a violin. He looked up and said, “Sound post?” Obviously, he had remembered my phone call from when we briefly spoke on Sunday afternoon. As a beginner, I was upset at what had happened, and it must have been apparent in my expression and tone during our phone conversation. He must have concluded from these that I would be there first thing Tuesday morning, the next time his shop was open.

Michael put down the violin he was working on and took mine. Within just a few minutes, he had my soundpost in place, while we spoke about setting soundposts and the O’Connor Method of learning the fiddle. Painless and a pleasure meeting Michael Montero.

The next time I try to adjust my bridge, change strings, or do anything else that can affect my soundpost, I’ll be much more careful.

Now, it’s time to practice!

Montero Violins

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