Whether you live in a hot, dry desert area or in the freezing arctic zone, the scientifically tested Dampit humidifier will protect your instrument against damage.

The original humidifier for string instruments, Dampit has been protecting wood instruments for over 40 years. Invented and patented in 1966 by profesional violinist and composer, Ralph Hollander, the Dampit has protected the instruments of thousands of musicians worldwide.

The Dampit is the most economical, efficient and time-tested system for keeping an instrument properly humidified. Other systems claim to maintain humidity levels but will not raise humidity under dry conditions. The Dampit does both which prevents cracks and restores damaged wood.

Long-lasting and easy to use. The Dampit is made of the finest materials. With proper care Dampit will give years of good service without needing frequent replacement. Dampit is designed to fit inside the fiddle, where it slowly releases moisture to create the proper humidity. Regular use will protect the fiddle from warping, cracking or ungluing, and keep it sounding it’s best…well, at least after I get better at playing. 🙂

How to Use a Dampit in Your Violin

I purchased a Dampit for my fiddle a couple of weeks ago. The humidity level in my home often gets down into the upper 20’s/low 30’s during the winter, and after reading about how dryness can reek havoc on a violin, I decided to buy a Dampit. Ideally, the humidity level for a string instrument should be in the 45 to 55 range, although the 40 to 60 range is acceptable.

Does it work? I assume so since the Dampit has been around for a long time and has been and is used by so many violinists. Buying a stringed instrument is an investment, and like any investment I make, I want it to last. I can tell you that the hygrometer in the top of my violin case is always right around the 50% humidity level since I started using my Dampit. Why take the chance? For $12 to $15 look at it as a very affordable insurance policy for your instrument.

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