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FiddleHed Office Hours 2  

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A few months ago, I posted a new feature from FiddleHed, FiddleHed Office Hours, a live-stream webinar where FiddleHed members get to ask Jason questions. I found it very interesting and helpful. Yesterday, Jason held a second Office Hours which lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Here is the video replay.

Below is the list of questions members asked and the corresponding time if you want to view certain questions:

  • Actual beginning of video/introduction - 2:00
  • Fiddlosophy - Fake it 'til you make it - 7:17
  • To play old-time music, do you just need to know first position? - 16:23
  • What are good tunes for practicing 4th finger? - 19:03
  • How can I clean up the sound when I go from one string to another? - 21:25
  • I'm trying to learn your version of a tune (Blackest Crow), but I hear a different version in my head. How should I proceed? - 24:35
  • What are some good stretches and physical warmups? Fiddle yoga?! - 29:36
  • How do you do vibrato? - 34:23
  • Neighbors tend to nag about my practice sessions. Should I get a silent or electric violin? Will it affect my learning? - 37:23
  • How important is the bow angle (flat or edge)? - 41:20
  • When playing with others on a tune I don't know, how do I play the chords? - 43:56
  • What's the best shoulder rest? - 53:31
  • Do you have suggestions for practicing timing/counting on notes? Is a metronome helpful? - 1:16:40
  • My bow bounces a lot. What should I do? - 1:22:39
  • I get frustrated because there is a lot I have to remember to do at once. Do I ever get to sit back and enjoy just playing? - 1:25:00
  • How can I keep the little finger of my left hand near the fingerboard? Are there any exercises? - 1:29:50
  • How do you bow on just one string at a time? What are some exercises to make my bowing more precise? - 1:31:22
  • When using finger tape, does the low second finger go between the 2nd and 3rd tapes? - 1:34:21
  • How to practice playing with different volume levels? - 1:37:52
  • Foot-tapping in 6/8 time is a struggle for me. Any tips? - 1:39:11

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Posted : January 30, 2020 6:09 am