Choosing an Online Fiddle Course – Part 1

When I started searching for online sources for learning the fiddle, I was surprised to find so many. Some free; some paid, some cursory; and, some very extensive and in depth. There are dozens of websites offering fiddle lessons. After looking at many, I have narrowed it down to two, I think.

ArtistWorks Fiddle with Darol Anger

ArtistWorks is a respected website that offers dozens of courses for various instruments. The fiddle course with Darol Anger has 100’s of lessons starting with the total Beginner focusing on foundational skills to the Intermediate through the Advanced. Students in the ArtistWorks Fiddle course have unlimited access to these fiddle lessons online as well as behind the scenes content, interviews, performance and study materials. All instructional videos can be played in slow motion and/or looped to aide in learning particular skills. And, students have the ability to submit videos for review by Darol who then records a video response, offering specific guidance back to the student. Students can access the Video Exchange library and watch each other’s interactions with Darol.

The cost for a 3 month plan is $105 ($35/month), a 6 month plan is $179 ($30/month), and a 12 month plan is $279 ($23/month), but you can receive $60 off the annual plan, so the final cost is $219 ($18/month) for 12 months. The longer the plan, the more perks it offers.

Learn Old Time Fiddle – The Brainjo Method for Fiddle

I find this method most intriguing and am learning more towards this online source. This method was developed by Dr. Josh Turknett, a
Neurologist and musician. The Brainjo Method is a neuroscience-based musical instruction system specifically designed to maximize the learning potential of the adult brain, and after watching the videos on the home page and doing a little more research about Dr. Turknett and his Brainjo Method, this makes an awful lot of sense to me. I am very impressed with his
The Immutable Laws of Brainjo: The Art and Science of Effective Practice which was written for his Banjo courses, but is applicable to the Fiddle courses as well. Adam Hurt as the lead instructor for the Fiddle for All course.

The cost is $7 for the first month and $28 for each additional month if you sign up for the monthly plan, but you can also sign up for a bi-annual plan that offers a 25% discount.

I’ll let you know which program I eventually settle on, but so far, these are my two front runners.

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