Choosing a Fiddle

Now that I finally made the decision to learn the fiddle, I had to find a fiddle, but so many questions… Rent? New? Used? Local music store? Online? Quality? Budget? My head was spinning!

Wanting to own my own fiddle and afraid of buying a used lemon because of my ignorance, I decided to buy a new instrument. I checked a few local music stores in my area, but none seemed to have expertise in this area, and the one violin shop I found overwhelmed me, so I started to look online.

After days of researching, I knew I wanted a fiddle made of true hardwoods with no laminated composites which would diminish the tonal quality and never hold up over time. I wanted precise instrument with good looks and a good warranty on workmanship. An inspection and professional set up by a qualified luthier (a maker of stringed instruments) was important rather than buying a factory-direct instrument. A quality bow, strings, rosin and case complimenting my fiddle led me to look at violin “outfits”. I set a budget of $300, give or take.

I found several sites that I bookmarked, all had fiddles that seemed to fit my specifications, but the information always seemed to fall short in answering all my questions and concerns. Then I found the Fiddlerman, Pierre Holstein, online at the Fiddlershop in Florida. I was so impressed with the thorough information I found there, including choice of violins, helpful information, video presentations and guidance, that I knew I found my fiddle store.

On January 29th, after consuming all the information and even speaking with a consultant at the Fiddlershop, I purchased a Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit. It is scheduled to arrive on February 3rd. I will post about it firsthand!

Fiddlerman Concert Violin Outfit

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