Berber Chinrest

I’ve written about my chinrest before, and I have tried several including the Guarneri, the Flat Flesch, and the Conrad Gotz model 256, all pictured below.

While I felt they all had some good qualities, none have been totally satisfying. The Guarneri “cup” (left) offered good support, but the ridge at the rear was irritating against my jaw bone. I tried the Conrad Gotz (right) as an alternative, but it was too flat and did not have any cup. With both, I also found myself shifting my hold more towards the tailpiece, so I tried a center mount chinrest, the Flat Flesch (center). I liked moving more towards the center, but like the Gotz model, the Flat Flesch offered no “cup” support.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I came upon the Berber chinrest.

It looked intriguing to me. I liked that it was a center chinrest with a “cup” and that it extended further left without a rear ridge offering more jaw bone support, something I felt would be of help since I hold my fiddle at a 45 degree angle.

So, I ordered one. Unfortunately, the first one was lost in the mail, so getting a replacement sent out forced me to wait two weeks before I could try it. When it did arrive, I replaced the Flat Flesch with this new Berber chinrest.

Immediately, I knew this was the best chinrest I had tried to date. It’s comfortable center mount “cup” feels very comfortable and the side extension fits smoothly against my jaw bone making it easier to hold and support my fiddle. This is a real plus, helping to use less supportive pressure with my left hand.

Hopefully, after a year, I have finally found the right chinrest for me. Right now it seems perfect, but you know how that goes.

Just an aside…up until now, like many others, I have always used a heavy duty paperclip when changing chinrests, and like others I have “slipped” and scratched my fiddle. With this chinrest, I also purchased a chinrest key.

No bigger than two inches across, a chinrest key has several advantages:

  • Stronger than using a paperclip
  • Designed to not risk scratching
  • Comfortable grip 
  • Angled tip for safe adjusting

And, it costs only $2.29! Oh well….better late than never I guess.

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