Murphy’s Law and My Second Fiddle Lesson

Today was supposed to be my second fiddle lesson, but due to a touch of Murphy’s Law, I had to cancel.

I should have known yesterday was not going to be a good one when after putting on my morning coffee and returning a few minutes later to pour my first cup, my coffee pot was cold. Hmm…the little light was on, but no coffee! Of course, I immediately knew the coffee maker was dead, but I still did all the useless things one does when faced with the possibility of no coffee. I turned the pot on and off a few times as if it would magically start to work. No such luck. I kept my cool. Time for Plan B.

Have you ever tried to pour a pot of hot water very slowly over coffee grounds in a coffee maker? Not an easy task, but I figured the coffee would brew better if the water slowly passed through the grounds. After a few painstaking minutes, I poured a cup. Not the best coffee I ever had, but it was acceptable. Besides, by this time I was a desperate man.

As I walked up the stairs to my home office, being very careful not to spill my coffee, I thought I will have to make a trip to Target when they open to buy a new coffee maker. No! Make it two coffee makers. This way when the new one dies, I’ll have a backup on hand. I never seem to get much more than a year or so out of a coffee maker before it dies.

At 9 o’clock I put the key in my front door to go to Target. When I turned the key in my car ignition, nothing happened! The car wouldn’t start. I Knew it couldn’t be the battery; I just replaced it two months ago. And, since there was not even a peep out of the engine, just total silence when I turned the key, I figured it must be the starter, even though I know nothing about cars. Oh great! First the coffee pot, now this! I guess I am going to have to get the car towed to my car doctor. I kept my cool, but I did look around to see if Mr. Murphy was lurking.

Before I could take care of that though, because only Murphy knows how long that will take, I decided I had to go pick up the 1500 pounds of home business supplies I had sitting on a loading dock down in Bethlehem, PA since the night before. You see, part of Murphy’s Law is that the longer you leave your shipment sitting on a loading dock, the better you chances are that someone on a forklift will back into your pallet causing damage! Maybe I could stop on the way and pick up my new coffee makers.

Forty-five minutes later I arrived at the terminal just as the sky opened up and the rains started to pour. They made me wait a half hour in the rain before they loaded my truck. I kept my cool! At least the drive back here was uneventful.

I got back around noon and spent the next half hour unloading the 1500 pounds of supplies. Winded and tired, I thought now I can take care of the car. Maybe there is still hope I can get it fixed before my lesson on Saturday. The phone rang. It was one of my wholesale customers who “desperately” needed an order for the Mother’s Day weekend. No, his name is not Murphy. The car would have to wait again. I kept my cool.

I had the order ready just before 3 o’clock and waited for my customer to arrive for the pick up as he promised he would be here no later than this. A half hour later I called him. Oh, seems he got “hung up” and forgot to call me, saying he would try to come by later this evening.

Vowing not to let anything else keep me from trying to get my car fixed before my Saturday lesson, I called Triple AAA. The tow truck arrived an hour later. Arriving at my car doctor, I still had hope that it might be something simple when he told me he was so backed up, he would not be able to look at my car for a week! I kept my cool! No, his name is not Murphy.

That left two choices, neither good. I could drive our business truck the 120+ miles back and forth to my lesson on Saturday or take my business partner’s car. Since our truck was already scheduled to make some Saturday deliveries, that choice was out. And, as far as my business partner’s car, I wouldn’t drive that heap of junk around the block!

Nothing to do except contact my teacher and tell her I would have to miss my lesson. She was very understanding saying, ” I understand – cars seem to turn on us at the least convenient times.”

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait another four weeks before I can have my next lesson. While my teacher is available every other week, on the next date we have a craft show we are already committed to. So, while I had my first lesson on April 27th, my next one will not be until June 8th. At this rate, I’ll have to be taking lessons for a long, long, long time. Maybe my teacher and I will wind up living in the same nursing home some day!

P.S. – I never did get to Target, so this morning I had to pour hot water over my coffee grounds again. Maybe I can get there today…one way or another.

P.P.S. – I also want to add, that I was almost finished writing this post when something happened to my draft. I had forgotten to “save” as I was writing it, and when I went to insert the red “Keep Calm cos it’s Murphy’s Law” image just above, my draft disappeared, and I had to write it all over again from scratch. True story. Thanks, Mr. Murphy!

  4 comments for “Murphy’s Law and My Second Fiddle Lesson

  1. May 11, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    Noooooo! This is heartbreaking! Especially the coffee!

    I can feel this especially since I just had a car battery die on me this past Tuesday, at the end of a work day. Not quite as serious as your situation, but still not a fun thing. I didn’t get to practice that day. 🙁

    Glad your teacher was understanding and hope you can get the car taken care of sooner rather than later!

    • May 12, 2019 at 8:56 am

      Yes! To be honest, the coffee maker dying bothered me more than the car dying. My teacher said she is going to send me a remote assignment to work on. Found out the music store is closed for the Memorial Day weekend on the 25th, so I couldn’t have had a lesson that day anyway. The mechanic told me he has my car scheduled for May 20th…that’s a whole week. At least I have my work van for getting around town.

  2. Kay
    May 11, 2019 at 9:52 am

    Where’s your local Goodwill? My coffee addiction is as serious as yours. My latest bargain purchase is a Hamilton Beach excellent condition single travel mug style brewer for $4! I also have a French press. As long as the house electric works you are guaranteed delicious coffee. Sounds like the kind of day you had called for just staying home, watching a Fiddlehed lesson on You Tube to learn a new song and contemplating natural beauty from your yard and nearby environs!

    • May 12, 2019 at 8:53 am

      LOL! I usually only drink 2 cups a day. I have a little 4 cup Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker. Four cups is two mugs worth. I eventually did get to target and bought 2 of them for $16.99 each. I set up one and am enjoying my coffee right now. The second one will get stored for when this one dies.

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