A Real Live Teacher

If you have been reading, you know the extent of my learning has been mainly the Fiddlehed website and a few other online sources. I feel like I have learned some, but what I really need is a real live teacher I can work with for guidance and feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up on Fiddlehed; I think the way Jason teaches is fantastic. I just wish he didn’t live in San Francisco, so I could take personal lessons from him. I think if I have a real live teacher locally, I can make more progress with my Fiddlehed lessons.

I’m pretty much shying away from seeking a classical violin teacher. While I need to learn violin basics, from everything I have read, having a classical violin teacher would be like going to a cardiologist for a joint problem when what I need is an orthopedist. Both are doctors, and know human anatomy and systems, but they specialize in different areas of interest. That’s why I am seeking someone with Old Time Fiddle experience.

So, I made up a card (@ 4″ x 5″) that I am going to send out to local colleges (Music & Arts Dept, Music Clubs, etc.). I’ll also keep some in my car to post on any local community bulletin boards.

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