Whether you prefer to call it a violin or a fiddle, I have loved the music of this instrument for as long as I can remember. From a rousing old time fiddle tune to a relaxing violin piece to a classic concerto, this instrument has always fascinated me. Something about the sounds of the bow being drawn across the strings speaks to me. The sound of a fiddle resonates deep within me, in a place where there are no words.

I always dreamed of playing the fiddle, but for some reason never acted on it, probably because I never thought I had the talent. However, as the years passed, from time to time I would flirt with the idea of playing this magnificent instrument.

It wasn’t until shortly before turning 63 in early 2019 that I finally decided to act on this life-long dream, and here I am today learning how to play.

Fiddling for Older Folks is where I record this new venture. I write about my fiddle, fiddle music, and my experiences learning to play this instrument. Fiddling for Older Folks is not a teaching guide; it is a repository of my fiddle experience. Fiddling for Older Folks is also a place to share experiences with other adults who are also learning how to play the fiddle. I invite you to join me and my new friends.

~Jim, a.k.a. MoonShadows